Damaged Books? Check Your Home For Silverfish


If you find damaged pages in your books or magazines, check your home for silverfish. These destructive and bothersome pests usually live in moist or damp areas of the home, including near leaky sink plumbing pipes. Silverfish move quickly from one location to another, which makes it hard to spot the pests. The tips below can help you find the silverfish in your home before they destroy your books. Where Should You Look for Silverfish?

16 March 2018

Ant Control Tips You Should Consider Following


Ants can be a serious nuisance to your home or business. In addition to ruining stored food and damaging the building, ants can also cause serious bites that can contribute to allergic reactions in some people. Addressing the problems that ants can cause your property can be a fairly simple process if you are aware of some effective strategies. Use Natural Ant Repellents There are a variety of substances that will naturally repel ants from an area.

6 March 2018

Can You Be Held Responsible For Termite Treatments When You're A Tenant?


Renting a home instead of owning your own property offers a few distinct benefits to the tenant. One of the biggest benefits is that most forms of property damage, as long as you didn't cause them as a tenant, are the responsibility of the landlord to fix instead of you. When the damage in question is being caused by millions of furiously chewing termites, the idea of having someone else pay for treatment and repairs can relieve a lot of stress.

12 February 2018