Preventing Rats From Taking Over Your Business: Three Steps To Take


Having rats in your business can be a problem for many reasons. They can cause unsanitary conditions, particularly in restaurants and grocery stores, and they can scare off potential customers. Rats can even carry diseases, so it's important to prevent them from taking over your place of business. Having a rat control plan in place is the first step to preventing these rodents from making their home in your workplace. Here are a few things you can do to keep rats at bay.

Secure Dumpsters

Your dumpsters can create an inviting place for rats to find meals, and the more they visit the outside dumpster, the more likely they may be to enter your building. Be sure that your dumpsters and trash bins have secure lids, and use locks to keep the lids in place when you aren't emptying trash. Sweep up debris around the dumpster that rats might try to nest in, and work with your pest control company to put out traps around the dumpster area. When dealing with trash inside the office, be sure that no open garbage cans have any refuse in them overnight. Your janitorial staff should empty all trash bins and take the contents to the dumpster at the end of each day.

Hire A Cleaning Service

If you don't have a dedicated janitorial staff, consider hiring a cleaning service to tend to housekeeping tasks every day. Particular attention should be paid to any areas where food is stored. Crumbs should be cleared from counters and the floors should be swept or vacuumed. Avoid leaving food out on counters, and keep dry goods stored in air-tight containers. Direct the cleaning crew to remove any food or drink found on employee desks at night. It's also a good idea to discourage your staff from keeping food in their drawers overnight.

Use Bait And Traps

Bait and traps can help handle any rats making their way into your place of business before a potential rat population gets out of hand. However, placement for the traps can be tricky. You don't want them to be easily visible by customers in case the sight of the traps makes people believe you have a rat problem. You'll also want to avoid rat poison that children of customers might accidentally find and ingest. Your pest control expert can help you determine the proper placement of rat traps and which types of bait to use in your office space.

Depending on the type of business you operate, there may be other steps needed to avoid rat infestations. For example, restaurants should follow strict sanitation procedures in the kitchen as well as the dining room. This is true for any other businesses that handle food and beverage. A pest control company, like Sentinel  Pest Control, can help you create a plan of action that's tailored to your business so you can keep the rats out and the customers in.


15 May 2018

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