Damaged Books? Check Your Home For Silverfish


If you find damaged pages in your books or magazines, check your home for silverfish. These destructive and bothersome pests usually live in moist or damp areas of the home, including near leaky sink plumbing pipes. Silverfish move quickly from one location to another, which makes it hard to spot the pests. The tips below can help you find the silverfish in your home before they destroy your books.

Where Should You Look for Silverfish?

Silverfish are silver in color and typically have elongated bodies. The pests also have three long appendages on the abdomen that resemble mermaid tails. Silverfish generally travel to places in the home that store paper, books, and other items that contain sugar and starch. The insects can also consume fabrics and human food, such as cereal and flour. 

Silverfish frequent areas with moisture and humid conditions. These locations may include your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and garage. You want to check these places for wet flooring, baseboards, and walls. Also, look for small cracks and openings that allow silverfish to enter your house. 

Once you find the locations that could potentially allow silverfish in your home, take action to keep the pests out. 

How Do You Get Rid of Silverfish?

If possible, seal up any openings you locate in your home. You can use moisture-resistant caulk or sealant to complete this step. Next, remove all signs of moisture in your rooms. If you have damp tile or carpeting in your home, dry it as soon as possible. You may need to replace severely damaged flooring if drying it doesn't work for you. 

After you follow the tips above, contact pest control services and request assistance. Silverfish can hide or build nests in inaccessible locations beneath the house. The pests may also live in great numbers in your soil, especially if the soil stays damp. Pest control may place sticky traps in these locations to contain silverfish.

If the silverfish population becomes too high in your home, pest control may use insecticides to treat the problem. Insecticides work by killing the pests directly as they travel through the treated locations. The treatments may also work indirectly by killing the pests' eggs and young. If you have concerns about how insecticides work against silverfish, contact a pest control representative right away.

You can protect your books and other valuables from silverfish by contacting pest control today. Reach out to a company like Environmental  Pest Control for more information or assistance. 


16 March 2018

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