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Thanks for visiting my site. I am at the moment working on an international project which takes me out of India quite frequently making my stay in Mumbai little uncertain and short. Hence I have stopped taking students for coaching as well as counseling. In the meantime I will very strongly recommend my colleagues of 15 years and who are primarily responsible for producing such wonderful results at my end for private coaching. Please contact Mrs.Geeta Shrikhande for more details Cell No 9819565384.

You can call me on +91 9324273761 or send me an e mail on paisir@rediffmail.com or jayant_pai@rediffmail.com to set up an appointment.My first consultation is free and and it that I will be able to give you complete road map up to US Visa.

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We also offer one to one coaching!!!

CRASH COURSE FOR GMAT Students who have already taken GMAT once and have reached near 600 are best suited to join this crash course. We will help you add 100 points to reach a dream score of 700 plus. Duration 3 weeks, 6 hours of lectures and test series every day. Only those students and executives who are on study leave are welcome.

For Diagnostic test and cost details contact Mr. Jayant Pai : 9324273761 (between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. only)

We insist that you attend two classes, one each of maths and verbal before making the payment.

Shortcuts in Mathematics - by Jayant Pai
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