Heat Treatments Can Protect Your Hotel From Bed Bug Bite Lawsuits


Bed bugs are one of the worst problems that a hotel can get. They are just as bad as roaches because they can cause serious problems with guests and are more likely to go home with them. In this situation, a guest may decide to sue a hotel and could win. Thankfully, heat treatments can help eliminate this issue.

Bed Bugs May Cause Skin Infections

While bed bugs don't spread diseases with their bites, they can cause excessive itching and scratching that may lead to a skin infection. When this occurs in somebody who stayed at a hotel, they may actually have legal recourse to pursue a lawsuit against the hotel.

That's because hotels are considered liable if a person contracts bed bugs from a hotel. This fact is true even if the bed bug bites occur at a person's home. If they can prove that they brought home bed bugs from a hotel, then they may be able to sue it for their skin infection.

Bed Bugs Are Hard To Eliminate

One reason that hotels have such a hard time with bed bugs is the difficulties of eliminating them. For example, bed bugs are very skilled at hiding away when pesticide application experts arrive. As a result, they may avoid the poison and survive. However, they are also resistant to other types of treatment methods, meaning that your hotel may be infested with them for good without heat treatments.

Why Heat Treatments Are A Great Step

The common problems that affect other types of bed bug treatments are not an issue with heat treatments. That's because the heat treatment will counter-vent them in a variety of ways. For example, the bed bug won't be able to escape the heat in the room and will inevitably die.

Just as importantly, heat can avoid pesticide resistances. That's because bed bugs often become resistant to various forms of pesticide over the years. However, they can never be resistant to high levels of heat. As a result, treating all of your affected hotel rooms with a heat treatment will get rid of bed bugs that other treatment methods would miss.

So if you want to avoid getting stuck with a huge legal bill because of your bed bugs, don't hesitate to contact a bed bug heat treatment specialist. You might just find that these treatments are exactly what you need to kill bed bugs in your hotel and to avoid serious legal ramifications.


25 June 2018

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