How To Determine If A Property Has Pest Control Issues


Pest damage can lead to thousands of dollars of damage, especially if it goes uncontrolled on a property. Identifying the need for pest control services quickly is a good way to protect property and health. You need to know how to determine if there is a problem, though. These six tips will point you in the right direction. Wood Chips of Sawdust Many bests chew through or burrow into wood. Mice will gnaw holes to create access points.

7 June 2023

Has Your Laundry Room Become A Hidden Haven For Termites?


Every responsible homeowner knows that keeping termites off their property is vitally important, but unfortunately, termites can appear in the areas you least expect. In many cases, termites find their way into laundry rooms. These voracious insects can do severe damage to any wooden structures in your laundry room and must be found and eradicated as quickly as possible. Why Are Termites Attracted To Laundry Rooms? The average homeowner doesn't spend much time in their laundry room, and that is one of the main reasons termites are likely to turn laundry rooms into their homes.

20 April 2023

3 Signs You May Have Termites


Your house has a lot of wood in it. There's wood in the skeleton of your home as well as in your doors, window frames, and many other places. All that wood is useful and may be attractive, but it also puts your house at risk for certain pests like termites. They like to live in and eat wood, so if they can get to the wood in your house, they will.

21 March 2023

2 Reasons You Should Have A Pest Control Inspection Of Your Home During The Winter Months


During the winter months, you may be used to having to keep an eye on your house to make sure that there are no cockroach or termite infestations. Since you do not readily see any insects crawling around, you may believe that your house is pest-free. However, there may be pests lurking in your house that you may not be aware of if a professional does not inspect it. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have a pest control professional perform an inspection of your home during the winter months.

13 February 2023

2 Reasons Why You Should Have A Pest Control Service Check Your Home During Winter


If you hate the cold temperatures of winter, you may look forward to your warm, cozy home to get away from the frigid weather. Unfortunately, just like you, insects and rodents hate the cold and are looking for a warm home for the winter — your house. Even if you do not see any signs of insects or rodents, this does not mean that they will not try to gain entry into your house as the temperatures continue to drop.

21 December 2022

What Problems Can A Pest Infestation Cause A Business?


If you are running a business, a pest infestation is one of the problems you should prevent at all costs. Whether the issue is rodents, termites, or various insects, pests can temporarily ruin your day-to-day operations or even cause permanent closure. This is why you should invest in expert pest control as soon as you see signs of pests on the property. So, what issues can you face if you fail to deal promptly with a pest infestation?

28 November 2022

Think You Have Termites? How To Get Them Out


If you have seen even one termite you need to take care of this problem before it becomes much worse. Termites can eat through wood and if you have enough of them this will cause a lot of structural damage to a home. This will result in expensive repairs to your home. Keep reading to learn how you can get termites, as well as tips on getting them out before damage happens.

13 October 2022