Five Ways Mice May Be Gaining Entry to Your Home


Finding a mouse in your house is never ideal. If you trap or kill the mouse, you might suspect the problem is over -- but then you see a few more mice! Rather than continuing to trap and kill each mouse you come across, your goal should really be to find out how the mice are entering your home so you can stop future ones from entering. Here's a look at five common ways mice gain entry to homes -- and how to address each one.

13 July 2017

Get Rid Of Your Fruit Fly Infestation


Fruit fly infestations are annoying. The fruit flies seem to appear out of nowhere, but really they invade your home through your window screens, the drains in your sink, and the crevices surrounding your doors and windows. The little buggers also reproduce really fast, so once they arrive, it won't be long before you have a full-fledged infestation on your hands. While it isn't always easy to rid your home of fruit flies by yourself, it is possible.

14 June 2017

What Commercial Property Owners Need To Know About Preventing Ant Problems


Many property owners think that ant infestations are only an issue during certain seasons. Ants can set up colonies any time of year, and it can be difficult to eradicate them. Some commercial property owners try their own pest control methods, which might include damaging ant colonies or attempting to drown ants by saturating their colonies with water. Ants usually will attempt to rebuild ant colonies that have been damaged, and ants have special bodily functions that make it unlikely for them to drown.

10 April 2017

Automatically Atomizing Ants Avec An Armadillo: Natural Pest Control, Southern Style


People in the Southern half of the U.S. have very different ways of doing things, but some of those ways make complete sense when you think about it. Take natural pest control, for example. Ants, especially fire ants and wood ants, are major problems in the South. You do not want to get close to these ants because they bite, and the bites are as painful as the ants are relentless in biting you.

22 March 2017

Pigeon Problems: 3 Diseases Your Cooing Neighbors Can Spread To You And Your Family


Aside from hobbyists who breed fancy pigeons, most people strongly dislike the troublesome birds, especially when pigeons build nests outside of windows and on top of roofs. When this happens, homeowners experience firsthand the two things pigeons are notorious for: cooing and pooping. If you have pigeons sitting outside your house, you know all about these two things. But what should really concern you is the fact that pigeons spread many diseases, including the three listed below.

1 March 2017

Pest Control For Your Home


It is never fun to be going about your business in your own home only to find that you have a pest infestation. There are many different types of pests that can be found, but the most common are mice and rats. Now the rodents that infest a home are not the same that you can buy at a pet store. The rats and mice that come into a home can carry many diseases and can cause many problems.

1 March 2017

Travel for Work? 3 Clever Tips for Preventing the Spread of Bed Bugs


Exterminators and homeowners alike share a common fear: bed bugs. Resistant to pesticides and perfectly adapted to hide within tiny crevices all around your home, bed bugs are as hard to get rid of as they are to spot. Unfortunately, business travelers are especially susceptible to picking up bed bugs, since they tend to stay in a variety of hotels and might not have the time or energy to worry about these tiny insects.

24 October 2016