2 Reasons You Should Have A Pest Control Inspection Of Your Home During The Winter Months


During the winter months, you may be used to having to keep an eye on your house to make sure that there are no cockroach or termite infestations. Since you do not readily see any insects crawling around, you may believe that your house is pest-free.

However, there may be pests lurking in your house that you may not be aware of if a professional does not inspect it. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have a pest control professional perform an inspection of your home during the winter months.

1. Warm-Weather Pests Such as Spiders, Mosquitos, and Ants Can Take Shelter in Your Walls Until Spring Arrives 

One reason why you should have your home inspected by a pest control professional is that there may be warm-weather pests in your walls. Such pests as spiders, mosquitos, and ants will often take shelter in your walls and stay dormant until spring arrives.

Once spring weather comes, these pests can quickly become a problem in and around your home. By having an inspection while they are still dormant, the exterminator can find the hidden nests and get rid of them before warm weather returns.

2. Drops in Temperatures Outside Will Make Rodents, Raccoons, and Birds Seek Out the Warmth of Your House

Another reason you should have an inspection of your home during winter is that the drops in temperatures can lead animals to seek out the warmth of your home. Rodents, raccoons, and birds will detect the heat from your home and find any openings they can in your house's exterior to gain entry inside.

To keep them out of your house, the pest control inspector will look for potential entry points into your home where these animals can gain access. They can then take action to fill them up to help prevent them from coming inside to get warm

Even if you do not see them, you may have spiders, mosquitos, ants, and other warm-weather pests seeking shelter in the walls of your home, ready to emerge and infest your home as soon as spring arrives if they are not dealt with beforehand. You may also have problems with rodents, raccoons, and birds finding their way into your home to get warm when the temperatures drop outside if you do not have a professional inspect your house for possible entry points. For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact a pest exterminator service in your area.


13 February 2023

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Do you spend your spring and summer months battling the pests that enter your home? There are many ways to prevent the intrusion of ants, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, mice and other pests in your home. I own several rental properties that I have to be sure do not get infested with all sorts of pests and have learned a lot about preventing the intrusion to begin with. You can learn from my personal experiences and keep the pests from ever becoming a serious issue in your home. With a few minor changes to the home and working with a skilled pest control agent, your home can be pest-free forever!