2 Reasons Why You Should Have A Pest Control Service Check Your Home During Winter


If you hate the cold temperatures of winter, you may look forward to your warm, cozy home to get away from the frigid weather. Unfortunately, just like you, insects and rodents hate the cold and are looking for a warm home for the winter — your house.

Even if you do not see any signs of insects or rodents, this does not mean that they will not try to gain entry into your house as the temperatures continue to drop. Before this happens, you should have a pest control service come out to check your home during winter for a couple of reasons.

1. They Will Inspect Your Home for Vulnerable Areas Where Insects and Rodents May Enter

One reason that you should have pest control professionals come out to your house before you notice a problem is that they may be able to block their entry. When the service comes to your house, they will thoroughly inspect the structure for vulnerabilities.

As they proceed with their inspection, they will make a list of and point out areas such as gaps around pipes and doors, holes in the walls, and openings in your attic. They will then sit down with you to discuss ways to prevent these vulnerable areas from becoming entry points for insects and rodents.

2. They Will Seek Out Pest Populations That May Unknowingly Be in Your House Already

Along with finding potential entry points, the pest control professionals will also be on the lookout for pest populations that are already in your house without you knowing it. Especially if they have just gained entry or are in areas where you usually do not go, the pests may already be starting up a colony or nest.

As the professionals from the service conduct their inspection to find vulnerable areas, they will look for signs of any insects, mice, or even birds that have already taken up residence. If they do find any, they will discuss with you options for getting rid of the pests before they become a full-blown infestation. 

When cold weather hits your area, insects and rodents will try to find a new home, which is, unfortunately, your house. When a professional service comes to your home, they can fully inspect your house to find vulnerable areas that may serve as entry points and offer solutions. They will try to find and eliminate insects and rodents that may already be in your house with you being aware. As the temperatures drop, contact a pest control service in your area so that they can take preemptive measures to keep your home from having an infestation during winter.

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21 December 2022

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Do you spend your spring and summer months battling the pests that enter your home? There are many ways to prevent the intrusion of ants, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, mice and other pests in your home. I own several rental properties that I have to be sure do not get infested with all sorts of pests and have learned a lot about preventing the intrusion to begin with. You can learn from my personal experiences and keep the pests from ever becoming a serious issue in your home. With a few minor changes to the home and working with a skilled pest control agent, your home can be pest-free forever!