Three Benefits Of Using A Pest Control Company For Rodent Removal


If you have rodents in your home, such as a mice or rat, you can set traps out and attempt to catch the rodent yourself. This may leave you wondering if you really need to hire a pest control company to assist you. Learning the benefits of using a pest control company for rodent removal will help you decide whether to do it yourself or whether using a company is better for you.

26 November 2017

No More Dine And Dash: 3 Tips For Keeping Restaurants Pest-Free


Restaurants are especially vulnerable to pests. An endless supply of food combined with a warm kitchen is a pest's dream. Routine pest prevention will give your restaurant the best chance of preventing pests or eliminating them if they do visit. Develop A Cleaning Schedule Set aside specific days for cleaning your restaurant, and give each employee an assignment. When everyone works together and you consistently make strides to keep your restaurant clean, the task will not become overwhelming.

9 November 2017

Keeping Termites Out Of Your Garden Or Yard


While having termites in your yard might not always be the worst thing to happen, these tiny insects can wreak havoc if they decide to move from the yard to your house. Once the infestation takes hold in your home, you may notice damage to the siding, walls, and even the support structure of the building. Keeping termites away from your yard is one way to help prevent them from taking over your home.

17 October 2017

4 Things To Expect From Your Termite Inspection


Hiring a professional pest control company for a termite inspection is a must if you notice any signs of termites. These signs include wood shavings, the termites coming out themselves or termite shelter tunnels, which are noticeable around the foundation of the home since they bulge from the surface. Here are four things you can expect once the professionals show up for inspection: Look for More Than Termites: First off, many of the signs of termites could actually be the cause from some other type of wood eating pest.

27 September 2017

Are You Getting Your Home Ready To Sell? 3 Strategies For Getting Rid Of Pests


Getting your home ready to put on the market requires some serious effort, especially if you have fallen behind on routine maintenance. Now that you have patched up the big stuff, it is time to focus on making sure that the sight of a roach scurrying across the floor does not turn off a prospective buyer. Fortunately, many of the things that keep pests at bay are also things that will help your house sell faster.

7 September 2017

Don't Let Earwigs Wig You Out


For decades, there have been rumors circulating that they will crawl into your ears and eat your brain — but thankfully, this is just not true about earwigs. These annoying pests can be a nuisance, but, luckily, they are not dangerous, and you do not have to panic if you find them in your home. Don't let earwigs wig you out — here's a closer look at these pesky, but rather harmless insects.

24 August 2017

Got Bed Bugs And Don't Know Why? It May Be This Unexpected Way


Finding bed bugs in your home can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don't know how the pests got there in the first place. Bed bugs can hitchhike in your luggage, laundry, and other personal items when you travel or wash clothes in a public laundromat. The pests can also invade your home by hiding in the things you buy from a thrift store or garage sale. Once the pests enter your home, they hide in places you can't access, such as your wall sockets and windowsills.

26 July 2017

Five Ways Mice May Be Gaining Entry to Your Home


Finding a mouse in your house is never ideal. If you trap or kill the mouse, you might suspect the problem is over -- but then you see a few more mice! Rather than continuing to trap and kill each mouse you come across, your goal should really be to find out how the mice are entering your home so you can stop future ones from entering. Here's a look at five common ways mice gain entry to homes -- and how to address each one.

13 July 2017

Get Rid Of Your Fruit Fly Infestation


Fruit fly infestations are annoying. The fruit flies seem to appear out of nowhere, but really they invade your home through your window screens, the drains in your sink, and the crevices surrounding your doors and windows. The little buggers also reproduce really fast, so once they arrive, it won't be long before you have a full-fledged infestation on your hands. While it isn't always easy to rid your home of fruit flies by yourself, it is possible.

14 June 2017

What Commercial Property Owners Need To Know About Preventing Ant Problems


Many property owners think that ant infestations are only an issue during certain seasons. Ants can set up colonies any time of year, and it can be difficult to eradicate them. Some commercial property owners try their own pest control methods, which might include damaging ant colonies or attempting to drown ants by saturating their colonies with water. Ants usually will attempt to rebuild ant colonies that have been damaged, and ants have special bodily functions that make it unlikely for them to drown.

10 April 2017