Are You Getting Your Home Ready To Sell? 3 Strategies For Getting Rid Of Pests


Getting your home ready to put on the market requires some serious effort, especially if you have fallen behind on routine maintenance. Now that you have patched up the big stuff, it is time to focus on making sure that the sight of a roach scurrying across the floor does not turn off a prospective buyer. Fortunately, many of the things that keep pests at bay are also things that will help your house sell faster. Before you put your house on the market, use these tips to avoid worrying about a rodent or insect ruining your ideal sale:

Repair All Entry Points

Cockroaches and other pests are small enough to fit through tiny cracks that appear around your doors and windows. They can also come through vents or holes in your roof. Spend some time checking around your house for places where you think pests are getting in. Then, arrange to have these repaired. This way, the pests cannot keep coming back inside once you have them eliminated.

Remove Things That Attract Pests

You've already been warned by your realtor that you must keep your house sparkling clean for showings. Naturally, keeping crumbs off of your counters and floors helps you to deter pests from thinking that your house is an easy source of food. However, there are likely other things around your house that attract pests that you may have overlooked. For instance, leaving pet food outside brings pests directly to your doors where they might find a way inside. Or, a birdbath might bring rodents running to your yard at night for water. Remove these types of attractants so that you can stop pests from coming to your house.

Arrange For Professional Removal Services

Serious pest infestations require you to get tough, especially if you are hoping for a quick sell on your house. Arrange for professional pest control services that can identify and treat infestations that you may not even know exist. Letting prospective buyers know that your house has passed an inspection or recently been treated with preventative services also works as a selling point when people tour your house.

The next few weeks or months are going to involve a lot of extra work, but the payoff is worth it when you reach a suitable agreement with a buyer. Keeping your house free of pests helps demonstrate that you are a responsible homeowner, and you will love showing off your home without worrying about finding a disturbing spider lurking in the pantry as you show it off.

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7 September 2017

how to eliminate pests for good

Do you spend your spring and summer months battling the pests that enter your home? There are many ways to prevent the intrusion of ants, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, mice and other pests in your home. I own several rental properties that I have to be sure do not get infested with all sorts of pests and have learned a lot about preventing the intrusion to begin with. You can learn from my personal experiences and keep the pests from ever becoming a serious issue in your home. With a few minor changes to the home and working with a skilled pest control agent, your home can be pest-free forever!