Keeping Termites Out Of Your Garden Or Yard


While having termites in your yard might not always be the worst thing to happen, these tiny insects can wreak havoc if they decide to move from the yard to your house. Once the infestation takes hold in your home, you may notice damage to the siding, walls, and even the support structure of the building. Keeping termites away from your yard is one way to help prevent them from taking over your home. Here are a few tips you can use to keep them out of your yard or garden and far away from your home.

Avoid Wood Mulch

Wood mulch, such as wood chips, can be a great option for combating erosion in your garden bed or simply adding beauty to your home; however, it can also attract termites. The termites can be enticed by the wood, which means you might be creating a buffet for the insects. If you do choose to use plant-based mulch, avoid placing it directly next to your home, as the termites might simply transition from the mulch to your home when eating. You can also find mulch made from rocks or rubber that won't give termites a free meal.

Treat Your Soil

One way to keep termites away from your yard is to have the soil treated. Your pest control expert can treat the soil immediately around your home, your deck or toolshed. Treating the soil can repel termites and prevent them from making a home on your property. Your pest control expert can help you to determine how often the soil needs to be treated every year.

Keep Wood Away

Being smart about where wood is positioned in your yard is another important part of controlling termites. If your home has a fireplace and you keep firewood outside, be sure that the pile is away from the home. Keeping the wood inside of a metal tool shed and covered with a tarp is one option to help keep termites at bay. Avoid placing wooden trellises on the exterior of your home, and have overhanging branches from nearby trees trimmed, if possible.

Build Smart

If you are planning on building a new deck or patio, think about ways to keep termites at bay when planning out your project. Pressure-treated wood sometimes contains certain chemicals that prevent rotting and termite infestations, making it an ideal construction materials. Keeping the structure off of the soil can also help to create a barrier against termites. Consider having a concrete foundation or pad created for any outdoor structures you plan to add to the yard.

If you are concerned about a potential termite infestation, schedule an appointment with a pest control service to help determine which steps you should take to prevent an infestation or deal with an existing termite problem.


17 October 2017

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