Don't Let Earwigs Wig You Out


For decades, there have been rumors circulating that they will crawl into your ears and eat your brain — but thankfully, this is just not true about earwigs. These annoying pests can be a nuisance, but, luckily, they are not dangerous, and you do not have to panic if you find them in your home. Don't let earwigs wig you out — here's a closer look at these pesky, but rather harmless insects.

How do you identify an earwig?

Earwigs look a lot scarier than they really are. These long-bodied insects have pincers on their abdomen, which they use for defense against other insects. They're generally dark brown in color, though some have black or reddish segments. Earwigs are usually about 15 mm long, though some species are a bit larger.

Do earwigs present any risks or dangers?

If you bother an earwig, it may pinch you with its pincers. While this may sting a little, the bugs are not poisonous or aggressive. They may also spread diseases like salmonella and strep infections if they walk across your food or get into your drinking water.

Where do you find earwigs?

Outside, earwigs typically live under logs and stones and in other moist areas. However, they may come into your home if your home offers a similar moist, cool environment. In houses, they are typically found in the basement. You may see them around a sump pump or in a moist corner of the room. Sometimes, homeowners notice them after a particularly humid week or after they have had a plumbing leak.

How can you get rid of earwigs?

Just because they won't actually eat your brain like the legend suggests does not mean you want to just go on living with earwigs in your home. The secret to getting rid of this nuisance pest is to eliminate what attracts them most: moisture. Install a dehumidifier, and if you have any plumbing leaks or foundation leaks, have them fixed. Also, try to keep all items up and off of the moist floor. Earwigs like to hide beneath things, and if there is nothing on the floor, they are less likely to come around.

If you continue seeing earwigs, contact a pest control company like Fowler Pest Control. They can safely apply pesticides in the needed areas to keep these bugs at bay. They may also recommend additional steps you can take to keep your basement dry.


24 August 2017

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