Dog Getting Fleas And House Infested? Hire A Pest Control Company


If you have a dog and it is getting fleas, they will bring these pests into your home. Once this happens, your home can become infested with these itchy insects. Everyone in your home may get bites, especially around their feet and ankles. Fortunately, you can hire a pest control company to take care of this for you.   

Get Your Home Ready

There are things you should do to get your home ready for the pest control company. Plan on leaving your home for a few hours during the treatment. The pest control contractor can tell you how long this is. You will need to bring your dog with you, as well as any other animals you may have, including animals in cages, such as hamsters or reptiles. 

Have your dog treated for fleas either by purchasing a product at a pet store or taking them to a veterinarian. This is important because if your dog still has fleas, the problem will start over again. 

Wash your dog's bedding in hot water if you can. If you cannot, you will need to throw their bedding away. Vacuum your carpeting thoroughly and throw away the vacuum bag outside when you are finished. Mop all tile flooring in your home. Clean under the couch and/or the cushions. Pick up each room in your home and make sure there are no items left on the floor and under beds. Remove bed linens and wash them on a hot water setting. The pest control company can tell you other things you should do. 

Pest Control Company

A common treatment for fleas is using flea bombs. You can purchase these yourself, but the bombs the pest control company uses may be much stronger. The contractor will know where most of the fleas are in your home. One or two flea bombs will be set off in each room. The bombs are sat on a chair or table. The pest control company turns the bombs on, and they then leave your home for a few hours.  

The bomb spreads a pesticide throughout your home that kills fleas instantly. This works great as the pesticide can easily get into small areas, down into carpet fibers, and more. 

When you return, you may have to wipe down countertops, tables, etc. if there is any residue left behind. Open windows to air out your home for a couple of hours. Do not shampoo your carpeting for a couple of weeks after treatment. 

The pest control company may offer to treat your lawn for fleas as well.

Contact a pest control service, such as Pass Pest Control, to learn more. 


22 June 2022

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