4 Signs You Need To Call Bedbug Control Services


A bedbug infestation is one of the most distressing things that can happen to a home. To a large extent, they are associated with unhygienic living. But while that is partly true, bedbugs can attack even clean houses as long as they have been introduced to the house. It only takes one insect to lodge somewhere like the sofa for the infestation to begin. Unfortunately, you can get bedbugs from most public spaces like bank lobbies, taxis, airplanes, and most likely a friend's house. What signs tell you it's time to call bedbug control services?

Signs of Skin Bites

Bedbugs prefer feeding at night, so many people wake up with red itchy spots because of the allergic reaction to the bites. They will usually appear in a line like flea bites on parts that are usually exposed, like the neck, arms, and legs. The itch can last a few days.

However, some people do not have this allergic reaction, making it harder for them to see this sign. If more than one person complains of discomfort at night and itchy skin, it is time to call bedbug treatment services.

Musty or Coriander-like Smells

Insects communicate with chemical signs, so bedbugs in large numbers will release a smell that the nose can pick up. Most people say it smells musty, like a moldy room, while others smell a coriander-like odor. The smell will be strongest in spaces like around the bed's headstand spaces in sofa cushions.

Visible Spots on Bright Fabrics

It is common to squash bugs unconsciously, which leaves bloodstains on the bed sheet or your pajamas. Bedbugs also leave fecal matter, which appears as dark, rust-colored spots on hemlines and other spaces where bedbugs congregate.

Bedbugs also infect spaces like wallpapers and power outlets where they can find warmth. These pests also shed their skins as they grow so that you will find dark-colored specks on the bed or under the sofa. If the musty smell accompanies it, call bedbug control services.

Visible Bugs

The surefire way of confirming a bedbug infestation is by looking for the bugs in spaces they like to hide. The starting points include mattress hems, box springs, sofa cushions, wall cracks, and carpets.

Bedbugs are unmistakable but like to hide very well. You can switch off the lights and then shine a torch to catch them unawares. Even one insect is enough confirmation to call bedbug control services.

Do you have a strong suspicion of a bedbug infestation in your home? Then, call bedbug control services to inspect and do bedbug treatment if there is an infestation.


14 October 2021

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