4 Of The Most Misleading Myths Associated With Bed Bug Extermination


Bed bugs are scary, but when they make their way into your home, they can be an all-out nightmare. Thankfully, professional bed bug extermination makes getting rid of these insects a bit easier to do. Nevertheless, there are several myths people mistakenly believe that get in the way of them seeking treatment. Here is a look at a few of the most prevailing myths to clear. 

Myth: Bed bug extermination usually involves removing all furniture and discarding it. 

With the help of a good bed bug exterminator, you should be able to save the majority of your furniture. Sofas, mattresses, and wooden furniture pieces can be harborers of bed bug colonies, so they may have to be adequately disassembled and treated, heat-treated, or covered with a bed-bug proof cover for an extended period. The only time a piece of furniture may have to be discarded is if it cannot be disassembled for proper treatment, would be damaged by heat treatment, or if the piece is so infested it just makes sense to get rid of it. 

Myth: If you hire a professional for bedbugs, you'll pay tens-of-thousands of dollars for their services.

Bed bug extermination can be complicated, and each room usually has to be treated. You can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 for a full-home bed bug treatment process or between $200 and $400 per room. 

Myth: Bed bug extermination is complicated because there are so many kinds of bed bugs. 

It is true that there are a lot of different bed bug species; 90 species, to be exact. However, only three of those 90 species will feed on humans, so there are usually only three types exterminators will be treating for. Plus, the bedbugs that do feed on humans tend to respond well to similar types of treatments. 

Myth: Most bed bug exterminators will have to visit your home for at least a year to get rid of the problem. 

Bed bug extermination is tough, and there may be a need for the exterminator to do followup visits a few times to fully get rid of the problem. However, it would be rare for full eradication to take a year or longer. In the most extreme cases of infestation, you may see the process take a few months and the exterminator may recommend a followup treatment or two over the course of the next few months thereafter.  

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20 August 2020

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