Travel for Work? 3 Clever Tips for Preventing the Spread of Bed Bugs


Exterminators and homeowners alike share a common fear: bed bugs. Resistant to pesticides and perfectly adapted to hide within tiny crevices all around your home, bed bugs are as hard to get rid of as they are to spot. Unfortunately, business travelers are especially susceptible to picking up bed bugs, since they tend to stay in a variety of hotels and might not have the time or energy to worry about these tiny insects. However, by using these three clever tips, you might be able to prevent the spread of bed bugs—even if you are on the road most of the time.

1. Inspect Your Room—And Put Your Luggage in the Bathroom

Those hotel housekeepers work hard, but that doesn't mean that your room is automatically checked for bedbugs and fumigated when there is a problem. Because bedbugs can hide in very, very tiny places like the seam on a mattress or behind wall baseboards, people who aren't actively searching for the pests can miss them.

To protect yourself, make it a point to carefully inspect every hotel room that you stay in before you unpack and get comfortable. To prevent bedbugs from seeking refuge in your luggage while you do your inspection, place your luggage in the bathroom, where bedbugs are less likely to be. Experts explain that bathrooms have fewer places for bedbugs to hide, which is why you can feel good about storing your luggage on that clean tile floor.

In order to do a thorough search for bedbugs, remove the bedding to more easily inspect underneath the mattress cover, behind the headboard, and underneath the mattress itself. Move things like bed skirts and side tables to look for hiding pests. If you spot bedbugs during your search, request a different room or consider moving your hotel reservation altogether.

2. Bring Your Own Seating

It might sound extreme, but consider bringing along your own foldable stool to use in the middle of your hotel room. Bed bugs love to hide in places where humans relax or sleep since they feed off of blood. For this reason, things like upholstered armchairs, recliners, sofas, and ottomans are especially susceptible to bedbugs.

However, a simple metal or plastic folding chair is easy to clean, simple to check, and a breeze to set up in your hotel room. Although it might seem less luxurious than a more comfortable cushioned chair, you can gain the peace of mind that pests aren't invading your clothing while you draft an email or enjoy the evening news.

3. Stash on the Dash

If you suspect that bedbugs may have invaded your luggage, don't risk it—kill those pests on the road. By using a complimentary laundry bag and your rental car, you can destroy bedbugs before you even board the plane for the trip home.

To do this, wrap your clothing tightly in the plastic laundry bag and place it on your dashboard while you attend work meetings for the day. Since bed bugs start to die at 114 degrees Fahrenheit, a warm afternoon in a hot, sealed car might mean the difference between bringing those pests home with you and leaving them on your trip.

If you decide to use this method, be sure to use a thick plastic bag that won't melt in the sun. Also, leave your car windows rolled up so that heat won't escape the vehicle during the day.

Keep in mind that bringing bedbugs home isn't a death sentence. If you suspect that bedbugs have migrated to your home because of a recent hotel stay, visit sites such as and contact an exterminator as soon as possible. 


24 October 2016

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