5 Of The Strangest Pests That Could Invade Your Connecticut Home


Don't worry, the bugs that you are seeing inside your home are not some type of alien species. The state of Connecticut is known for a variety of common bugs like a honey bee, but the state is also filled with a number of oddities. When you can properly identify the strange pests in your home, it will make it a lot easier for pest control services to eliminate the problem. The professionals can come up with strategies to remove the bugs and prevent more bugs from wrecking havoc on your daily life.

Be on the lookout for the following five strange pests that can be found in the state of Connecticut.

Arrowhead Orb Weaver Spider

There's an innocent looking daddy long leg spider and then there's the evil-looking arrowhead orb weaver. Instead of a round body, the arrowhead spider features an angled and shaped body with pointed ends on it. These spiders love to dwell in bushes and plants just outside your home. Instead of camouflage coloring, the predatory insect makes itself known with stark black and yellow coloring.

The life cycle of these spiders is only a year, but they lay plenty of eggs to keep the pests around for as long as possible. Along with ways to get rid of the spiders, pest control specialists may recommend a landscaping change to attract less of the spider.

House Centipede

One of the creepiest bugs found in Connecticut can get into any crack, crawl up your wall, and truly looks like an alien creature. Unlike an outdoor centipede, a house centipede has a longer body, softer shell, and extended legs that give them the ability to move at fast speeds. These small bugs like to come out at night and can be seen dashing across walls or floors.

The bugs are attracted to rooms with high humidity, so it's a good idea to use a dehumidifier to help deter them. To completely eliminate the bugs, pest control workers can use a variety of techniques to protect the edge of your home and remove any nests or eggs from the house centipede.

The Assassin Bug

Connecticut residents never had to worry about the poisonous bug with a nickname like "The Assassin," but global warming has increased sightings of the critters. The bug feeds off of mammals and is specifically known to to bite around the face and neck region.

The bugs are about an inch long, feature a long flat black back, and have red coloring on the side. A cone shape of the head indicates that this variety of the bug does not just feed on insects, but humans too. If bitten, an anti-itch lotion can help remove any pain. Because of the biting, Assassin Bugs are a very common insect that pest control workers deal with.

Hag Moth Caterpillar

What looks like a patch of fur is actually a poisonous caterpillar. Dark, gray, and flat, the hag moth caterpillar features stinging setae on the top of its body. Touching these parts of the caterpillar can cause a slight inflammation and irritation.

Children may be tempted to hold or pet these, but they should be kept away until a pest control worker can handle the situation. The hag moth caterpillar is also commonly referred to as a monkey slug.


It may seem like a mosquito was drawn to some type of nuclear radiation, but the cranefly is actually a completely different insect. The large flying bug features a larger body than a mosquito, but unlike its blood-sucking counterpart, the cranefly only looks scary. The pests can be annoying and are attracted to lighted areas at night, but they do not feed off of humans.

The craneflies lay eggs into moist areas like grass and soil. A pest control services professional can provide treatments on your lawn to deter the growth of the species.

Identifying the pests will help control officers establish the insects more quickly. Write down as much description available because it's easy to confuse a variety of species.


2 March 2015

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