Steps To Take When Raccoons Become Nuisances


If you have been noticing raccoons upon your property often, you are likely concerned about their presence as they are known to cause damage to gardens and building materials. There is also a risk to humans and pets if a raccoon becomes agitated, threatened, or has a case of rabies. Here are steps you can take to eliminate raccoons from your property.

Check For Areas That Raccoons Nest

If raccoons are living underneath your home, shed, or detached garage, there may be a few signs that they using this area for resting. Check the areas in detail for signs of leftover food or leaves piled up for sleeping. If the area is usually enclosed, and you suspect it has become infiltrated by raccoons, look for the point of access so you can make repairs to it as needed. If the area is open, stack rocks, bricks, or cinder blocks around the perimeter of the open spot so raccoons are no longer able to gain access to the area. Make sure no baby raccoons are resting in the area before filling it in, however.

Eliminate Attractions From Your Property

Raccoons will not stay in an area where they are unable to find food or water. Because of this, you need to be diligent in their removal so raccoons do not have an easy way to feast and drink. Cover birdbaths and kiddie pools when they are not in use. Take up food for outdoor pets or livestock as soon as they have finished eating. Collect nuts, berries, and other fruit from the ground as soon as you have noticed they have fallen. Keep your garbage cans in an indoor location until you bring them to the curbside for pickup. Invest in cans with secured lids as well.

Contact A Wildlife Removal Service

If raccoons continue to stay on your property when they have no food or water available, it is time to take action and call a professional for assistance. The raccoons may be sick or injured and could pose a threat if they are not removed. A wildlife removal service will come to your property prepared with traps to capture raccoons without hurting them in the process. They will then take the contained raccoons to another area to be relocated. This usually involves the use of bait to encourage raccoons to walk inside cages with door mechanisms that close.

For more information, contact a wildlife removal service in your area.


20 May 2022

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