Fighting A Losing Battle With Bed Bugs? What You Need To Do


Beg bugs can be a difficult pest to have to deal with. They can get into any part of your home and can be just about everywhere. If you have an infestation, it can be even more difficult to get rid of them. These pests can be hard to deal with, as they are very small and can hide in the fibers of your carpeting, behind your baseboards and even behind the light switches on your walls. If you have a problem with these pests, there are a few things you can do that may help you win this battle. Read on for some tips to help you.

Start With A Bug Bomb

To begin, you should use a bug bomb and get rid of as many of the bugs in your home as you possibly can. Use a bug bomb and set it off according to the manufacturer's instructions. After you have set the bomb off, allow the dust to settle in your home and then go into your home to open up the windows and air out your home for a few hours. Once you go inside, dispose of the bug bombs and then vacuum your home thoroughly to remove as many of the deceased bugs as you can. Wash all bedding and stuffed animals, and anything else that can be washed. Wipe down all hard surfaces and remove dead pests on these surfaces as well.

Vacuum Daily

Once you have set off the bug bomb, you need to vacuum your home every day to kill any other pests you may have in your home. Empty the canister outside of your home and into a garbage bag that you seal tightly. Make sure you vacuum couches and beds as well.

Remove All Clutter

Clutter piles in your home could be housing bed bugs and other pests as well. Remove all piles of clutter and clean up as much as you can. These piles can attract more bed bugs to your home, so be sure to clean them up as best as you can and remove any rubbish piles from your floor to help you in cleaning your home as well.

If you are fighting a battle with bed bugs and you cannot seem to win, hire a pest control company to get rid of these bugs for you. They can be difficult to deal with and a major nuisance for you and your family. Hire the pros to help you.


18 February 2022

how to eliminate pests for good

Do you spend your spring and summer months battling the pests that enter your home? There are many ways to prevent the intrusion of ants, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, mice and other pests in your home. I own several rental properties that I have to be sure do not get infested with all sorts of pests and have learned a lot about preventing the intrusion to begin with. You can learn from my personal experiences and keep the pests from ever becoming a serious issue in your home. With a few minor changes to the home and working with a skilled pest control agent, your home can be pest-free forever!