3 Stinky Skunk Situations That Require Professional Attention


Skunks are a common sight in many suburban communities. Although these cute critters can create quite a stink, they're generally harmless. In some cases, they may even be beneficial since they eat common garden pests and other nuisance bugs. However, their presence can become something else entirely when they cross paths a little too closely with homeowners.

You generally don't need to worry about skunks living on your property, but there are some situations where professional pest removal may be in order. If you find yourself in one of these three stinky situations, you should consider bringing in some extra help to deal with your not-so-friendly neighborhood skunk.

1. Skunk Spray Is a Common Occurrence

Although skunks are omnivorous and sometimes predatory, they are not naturally aggressive towards larger animals such as humans, dogs, or even rodents. Their stinky spray is their most well-known trait, but it's important to remember that this is purely a defense mechanism. Skunks tend to spray when disturbed in a way that leaves them feeling trapped and without other options.

Unfortunately, constant spraying near your home can lead to unpleasant odors that can enter through open windows, doors, or even your HVAC system. If you notice this smell around your house constantly, you may have a significant skunk population on your property. A professional pest control company can help you evaluate the situation and determine an appropriate solution.

2. You Have a Skunk in Your Home

Skunks may be cute and generally docile, but they're wild animals that can behave unpredictably when trapped. A skunk in your house can present a potential danger to you or your family, so you should never try to deal with this situation on your own. It's especially critical to avoid placing your intruder into a position where it feels like it must fight to escape.

Skunks are also protective of their young. If a skunk is nesting in your house, it may have kits (baby skunks) that it's trying to protect. Trying to remove the skunk on your own can lead to aggressive behavior. Even worse, you may not find all the young, leaving them to die in your home. A professional will be able to thoroughly and humanely deal with the problem.

3. You Notice Unusual Behavior

Strange behavior, such as hunting in the daytime or acting aggressively towards much larger animals, can indicate rabies or other severe diseases. Although you should never approach a wild animal, you should be especially vigilant when these critters are acting in unexpected ways. If you have any reason to suspect a diseased animal on your property, you should always contact a pest control expert.

While living in harmony with the animals on your property is always a good thing, you should always keep a respectful distance. When critters like skunks begin to share your space a little too closely, it's time to bring in a professional to resolve the situation safely.

For more information, contact a skunk removal service, like Elite Wildlife Control.


26 July 2021

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