What Bugs You About Termite Infestation? 4 Common Fears


The word "termite" is sufficient to strike fear into the heart of any homeowner. These tiny pests can create both huge problems and huge anxieties about those problems. Some of the concerns related to termite treatment and infestation may be overblown, but others are right on target. Here are four common fears associated with this threat to your home.

1. A Neighbor's Termites Migrating to Your Home

If you've discovered, or at least suspect, that the house next door has a termite problem, you may be tossing and turning with nightmares about hordes of tiny wood chewers making their way over the property line to your beloved home. While such an attack isn't likely to be so focused, you might still want to regard your neighbor's problem as a wake-up call of sorts.

The good news is that the termites next door probably have more than enough paper and wood to keep them busy for a while, and that termites don't set course toward specific sources -- they simply wander around until they're fortunate enough to find what they need. But even if your house won't be singled out as the next course, that doesn't make it immune. The presence of termites in the general area should prompt you to contact your pest control company and schedule an inspection.

2. Danger to Your Home's Structural Integrity

This common fear is unfortunately well justified. Termites can consume a great deal of wood without giving their presence away. By the time you actually see one, your home may have sustained serious damage, not only to cosmetic features but also to major structural components such as wooden beams. Termites are especially fond of damp areas such as basements and crawlspaces, chewing up the wood beams supporting your floors. They can also destroy the beams that hold up your walls and roof. Listen to this fear, and let it spur you to schedule annual termite inspections.

3. Toxicity of Pesticides

Pesticides should be thought of as serious business, and termiticides (pesticides specifically used to kill termites) are no exception. Many of the chemicals used can indeed have toxic effects, especially when the instructions and warnings on the label aren't followed to the letter. It's usually wiser to leave the exterminating to the exterminators, instead of doing it yourself just to save money. When properly applied, these pesticides shouldn't harm you or your loved ones, although you may be instructed to leave the home for a certain period while the chemicals do their work. 

Some methods for exterminating or preventing termites have little or no toxic potential. Boric acid, a common preventative sprayed onto wood during initial construction, can discourage termite infestations with no risk to pets or people. Orange oil or neem oil may also stop a small-scale infestation in its tracks; heat and cold applications have also been employed against these pests. If you're worried, ask your exterminator about non-toxic options.

4. Choosing an Unqualified Termite Exterminator

You have every right to be anxious about whether you're hiring the right termite exterminator for your problem. The dangers associated with the pesticides is reason enough, but you must also feel reasonably sure that the termite treatment will be properly administered to ensure complete success.

Put your fears to rest asking to see the exterminator's state license. Each state has its own regulatory board for enforcing pest control safety and quality standards -- Texas, for example, enforces its Structural Pest Control Act through the state's Department of Agriculture. A valid state license indicates that your exterminator knows how to handle termites correctly and effectively.

Termites and their extermination can raise their share of fears, but a little knowledge goes a long way toward a calmer frame of mind. Talk to your exterminator, someone like Paramount Exterminating Co, today -- and sleep better tonight!


3 March 2015

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